Conference 2012

Engaging Tactics: Sociology and the Public


Engaging tactics was a two-day post-graduates conference held at Goldsmiths’ Department of Sociology on Monday, April 30th, and Tuesday, May 1st, 2012. The conference aimed at questioning how critical social sciences engage with both research participants and (emerging) publics. It encouraged site and tactic specific presentations, performances and interventions and provided a space for the exploration of possible modes of engagement.

The conference included a round table discussion with academics from Goldsmiths’ Sociology Department as well as a key-lecture by Vic Seidler and a key-workshop with Claudia Mitchell (McGill).


The conference was organised by Anna Bull, Katharina Eist, Miranda Iossifidis and Christian von Wissel on behalf of Goldsmiths’ Sociology Department Postgraduate Research Community in collaboration with the British Sociological Association (BSA) and Goldsmiths’ Method Lab.


Contact: engagingtactics [at]


One comment

  1. nickmahony

    Hi there – I was wondering if you might be able to forward me any further details about this event, sounds really interesting and I’d like to know more. Do you have a date scheduled, or list of presentations? All best wishes, Nick

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