Participants 2012

Alexandra Baixinho
Tine Blom
Paolo Cardullo
Jack Chen
Leah Gibbs
James Gilpin
Kata Halasz
Terese Jonsson
David Kendall
Tobie Kerridge
Kat Lucock
Florencia Marchetti
Madli Maruste
Emily McKee
Nela Milic
Shaun O’Conner
Veronica Olivotto
Dennis Schuivens
Ruth Sheldon
Alison Thomson
Alonso Vazquez

Katie Hare
Victoria Jackson
Anthony Thickett
Laurie Waller

Sophie Hope
Claudia Mitchell
Alison Rooke
Vic Seidler
Allard van Hoorn
Michael Guggenheim
Noortje Marres
Nirmal Puwar

José Borges
Anna Bull
Katharina Eist
Miranda Iossifidis
Brian McShane
Christian v. Wissel
Carolina Ramírez

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