eat a tactic

On Monday we would like to have a picnic at the Deptford Project which we prepare and eat all together. This picnic, of course, shall not just be any picnic, but one where we would like to ask you to share with the others a first impression of your presentation topic by preparing a dish related to the engaging tactic that you are using in your research and discussing with us during the two days.
Starting from your abstracts, we have developed a list of tasks for each one of you (cooking instructions, preparation, food presentation or eating instructions), which aim at inviting you to prepare a dish inspired by your topic. The picnic game, we hope, will be fun, make us get to know each other, explore food, its preparation and eating as an engaging tactic and reveal different aspects at heart of the different tactics we will be discussing during the 2 days.


///// The general instructions are the following:

* You will be assigned a partner to share the work and costs – and also the fun, we hope – of solving the task.

* your task will be to provide one dish (starter, main, or dessert or any combination of these) that feeds four people.

* We don’t want this to be a financial excess: as a rough guidance, the dish – prepared among two people – should cost between £10- £20.

* each dish shall be functional for a picnic.  It has to be prepared beforehand, or you have to be able to prepare it in a couple of minutes on the spot. There are no cooking facilities that you can use. You need to use the facilities at your home, or those of local friends or other establishments.

* we provide cutlery and plates, you provide everything else you need to present and serve your dish.  If you need other kinds of cutlery or plates, such as soup spoons or soup bowls, please get in contact with us in advance.

* Feel free to ask questions and ask for advice. If you see any technical problems ahead, we are happy to try to help.

* please think of vegetarian options. we will be about 50% vegetarians.

For cooking advice ask Michael: m.guggenheim [at] gold.ac.uk
For organisational advice, ask Christian: c.wissel [at] gold.ac.uk

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