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performance lecture (on research)

On research was a 2-day symposium at Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, on possible modes of ‘artistic research’. In its presentation format, the symposium has also been the showcase of a very effective ‘engaging tactic’, namely of the performance lecture.

From the symposium website:

“The debates about new models in academia, art and education have drawn additional attention to the topic of “artistic research”. What academic methods do artists use and what artistic methods do academics use?

Complementing the discussion, Rabih Mroué and Hito Steyerl focus on the (im)probability of events in the research field of mathematics; Ina Wutdke and Dieter Lesage devote themselves to gentrification debates in the context of academic studies; Xavier Le Roy explains how the academic that he once was became an artist.”



Probable title: zero probability // Lecture Performance by Hito Steyerl and Rabih Mroué // Fri 04.05.2012 20:30h

Kuhle Wampe Remix, oder Wem gehört die Stadt? // Lecture Performance von Ina Wudtke und Dieter Lesage // Sat 05.05.2012 20:30h

Product of Circumstances // Lecture Performance by Xavier Le Roy // Sat 05.05.2012 22:00h


sound // gender



CALL FOR CONTRIBUTIONS – deadline for applications: 23.3.2012.

Post-graduate Research Event
London College of Communication, University of the Arts London
May 17th 2012

We invite submissions for 10 minute contributions relating to aspects of research in
the context of sound, in its various creative and theoretical forms, and gender.
This is an open call and we welcome responses from all relevant disciplines and will
accept a variety of formats from short academic presentations to more experimental

We are looking to share research with a view to establishing a network of
researchers and practitioners working in these areas.  The final format of the event
will be generated around the contributions received.

Please send expressions of interest, including the theme, topic and format of your
presentation, of around 100 words and a short biography of no more than 100 words by
March 23rd 2012 tosoundartsevent@crisap.org

supported by CRiSAP

This event follows on from
?Her Noise Archive Symposium
3-5 May 2012
Tate Modern

A three day event investigating feminist discourses in sound, launching with a
performance and talk by Pauline Oliveros. The symposium, which brings together
contributions by leading artists, performers, theoreticians and writers aims to
provide a platform to further develop these emergent feminist discourses in sound
and music, with an emphasis on tactics that challenge and / or infiltrate canonical
readings. The event marks the donation of the Her Noise Archive to University of the
Arts London Archives and Special Collections housed at London College of
Communication, and is realised as a collaboration between CRiSAP (Creative Research
in Sound Arts Practice), Electra and Tate.



Making Things Public

Bruno Latour and collaborators on the exhibition “Making Things Public”, ZKM Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie, Karlsruhe, 2005 (five parts, the first here…)

Curatorial managers: Bruno Latour and Peter Weibel
Curator of the web-based projects: Steve Dietz

The exhibition Making Things Public addressed the challenge of renewing politics by applying to it the spirit of art and science. more information here…


the Mexican artist Fernando Llanos has been experimenting with ‘guerilla videoing’ from 2005 to 2011. You can see the documentation of his ‘engaging tactic’ here (english text) and here (videos).

Videoman has been active in:

– La V Bienal do Mercosul (Porto Alegre)
– Festival TRANSITIO_MX (México)
– 35 Festival Internacional Cervantino (Guanajuato)
– Madrid Abierto (España)
– Museo de Arquitectura de Estocolmo
– Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Alfredo Zalce (Morelia)
– Arte.mov Brasil (Belo Horizonte)
– Mapping Festival (Ginebra)
– CCE Buenos Aires (Argentina)
– Stan Lee and Gerald Rubin, Center for the Visual Arts (Texas).


Cumberland input

The final weekend in June a group of PhD students from the department discussed the content, form and objectives of the student conference. Threads rolled out and which are now waiting to be taken on include…

  • ‘pop-sociology’ (complex but accessible)
  • ‘exciting sociology’
  • embracing fiction and fantasy
  • the ‘art’ of sociology
  • ethics of engagement
  • self-reflexivity (first make sure you know your aims from which to engage with the aims of others)
  • boundary crossing (listening to the other is at heart of any engagement)
  • trust and respect
  • movement (mediation, play, network): way-finding and navigation
  • Do-it-yourself politics

Comments and further thoughts are welcome…