Visual Media in Communication

Exploring the Use of Visual Media in the Communication of Research Findings,

Seminar: 12/07/12, Cardiff University


“This exploratory seminar will bring together a range of social science
researchers and visual media experts, working within and across a variety
of fields, to explore the challenges and opportunities of using visual
media in the representation of research findings.”


Key issues that will be addressed and debated at the seminar include:

  • contested notions of voice, agency, ethics, reflexivity and interpretations;
  • the role (or not) of participants in relation to representation and dissemination of research findings;
  • remit, control and collaboration for researchers and disseminators in mediated research findings;
  • the implications for researchers, research and findings in using visual media for dissemination;
  • responsibilities, challenges and opportunities in representing data to a diverse and distinct audiences; and
  • funding, feedback and impact in using visual media to communicate research findings.



  • ‘Reithian principles for communicating research findings in the twenty-first century: inform, educate and engage’ – Joanna Mack and Pete Mitton (Open University).
  • ‘VJM visual intelligence and the London School of Economics: bringing your research project to the attention of a global audience’ (TBC).
  • ‘Facilitating relationship support for ‘mixed’ couples and families: academic and voluntary sector collaboration on visualisation of findings’ – Elaine Bauer (London South Bank University).
  • ‘Visualising bodies in place: reflections on a participatory film-making project with
    young people’ – Emma Renold and Gabrielle Ivinson (Cardiff University).
  • ‘Visualising numbers: when is it good to map statistical analyses?’ – Scott Orford (Cardiff University).


Cost:                                 £15 (or £10 for registered postgraduate students)
Contact to register:
Venue:                             Cardiff University School of Social Sciences Glamorgan Building,
King Edward VII Avenue, Cardiff

Date/time:                      12 July 2012, 10.00-16.15

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