collapsing boundaries


Kat, we met David today – it was productive and we will try to finalise the call for papers by next week. Prior to meeting him we spoke and drew out some ideas.
We were thinking about how, as sociologists, we take sociology out and apply it to ‘real-life’ situations/objects and conversely how we might apply ‘real-life’ everyday situations to thinking/doing sociology.

Perhaps there is no need for this division.

It would be interesting to get papers that collapse and transform this boundary (between sociology and publics) in different ways.

So we have a beginning theme of: how do methods/strategies of dissemination relate to what you are researching? For example, how can Christian develop an informal method to research the informality of the city.

David gave us some ideas of speakers, after we suggested what our aims for the conference might be. These included ‘creating a dialogue between Phd researchers’, ‘ bringing together speakers who might not otherwise meet’, ‘engaging with the current and future climate of the politics of higher education’….

So we have plenty to do in the next weeks.

Clovis, Christian and I will come up with a list of potential speakers (important to note WHY we have suggested them), but in the meantime we agreed that we should all write a paragraph as a blog entry on what engaging tactics means to us. What/who should an engaging tactics sociology conference speak about/to? Lets all do this by the end of the week or asap!

Have a look at this also: unfolding academia. Previous Grad school Symposium – see links on the right for the specific activities/workshops they ran…. what do you think of these? Are they what or how you see the engaging tactics conference turning out?


Some other bits:


Brian, New Cross, April 19th 2011


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