from Mediations on making Aaj Kaal by Nirmal Puwar (in Feminist Review 100, 2012, p. 123-140).

“Over the last 10 years, there has been a proliferation of social research using new
media technologies, harnessing a range of materials and devices, including
photography, video, maps and blog diaries (Pink, 2001; Blunt et al., 2003; Rose,
2005; Blunt and Dowling, 2006; Kuhn and McAllister, 2006; Back, 2007). Alongside
the use of visual, audio and digital technologies, there is a steady emergence of
curatorial practices within the social sciences (Latour, 2007; Puwar and Sharma,
2012). Slowly, disciplines are making way for new modes for producing and
communicating research, beyond the flat page of the academic journal article or
book. The dominance of the written script in academia is gradually (and not
without resistance) being accompanied by exhibitions and events, including
theatrical pieces, music performances or audio and visual installations. Today,
these practices are often presented as encompassing entirely ‘new’ directions.
Suffice to say, these practices do not come from nowhere, they emerge from
somewhere. Although it is not always easy to ascertain the creative aspects of
social research in methods books, it is important to register that there have been
significant antecedents to the more experimental approaches currently being

The entire article can be read here: feminist-review



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