Curating Sociology

extracts from Nirmal Puwar and Sanjay Sharma, “Curating Sociology – Sociological Mutations”, forthcoming in Sociological Review, 2012.

“Curating Sociology points to how sociology can engage with the academy and beyond by turning to and deploying cross-disciplinary collaborative and engaging in a creative knowledge practices – as drama, event, exhibitions, installations, film production and music performance for instance.” […]

“It should become apparent that Curating Sociology does not envision the researcher simply mimicking the role of the curator. Rather, the intention is to adapt some of the recent practices of the curator, and grasp ‘curating as a research process’ (Wells 2007) that embraces creativity and experimentation in the production of public knowledge. O’Neill maintains that curating can involve processual participatory activities, engendering ‘new practices, new meanings, values and relations between things’ (2010: 6). Curating Sociology therefore cannot be reduced to a set of research techniques or methods. Rather, it can be a methodological commitment to collaborative knowledge production for public interventions.”

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