mobility on the move

Mobile symposium on urban mobility. by University of East London’s Sustainable Mobilities Research Group, Dec 7th, 2011.

Cities are shaped by, and give shape to, the movement of people,
technologies, things and ideas. They are composed of dynamic entanglements
of humans and non-humans, (re)produced and contested on a daily basis. To
make sense of mobile urban life demands an understanding of a myriad of
actors who perform aspects of everyday life. Building upon the work of
University of East London’s Sustainable Mobilities Research Group, this
workshop seeks to examine and enliven some of these entanglements through a
mobile symposium.

The event will take place in London on Wednesday 7th December, setting out
from Look Mum No Hands in Old Street (
at 10.30am and returning there for lunch. The tentative format of the day is
to have two excursions (one am, one pm) into different parts of London; of
course the journeys will be just as important – if not more so – than the

The day will be very informal, and whilst it will be ‘facilitated’ by us (Rachel Aldred, Katrina Jungnickel and Justin Spinney) we are looking for participants to talk/walk through themes central to their work, whether at a particular location or whilst on the move (for those less familiar with London we are happy to suggest locations). Speakers will be asked to talk for no more than 15 minutes and are encouraged to include
objects/materials/places and of course movement.


We are keeping themes purposely broad at this stage but are particularly
keen on talks/tours which engage with the following themes: the politics of
(im)mobility; mobility and temporality; the sensory, affective and
(im)material; (in)visible mobilities (particularly in relation to the
‘warping’ of the city); rhythm; citizenship and urban governance; the
construction and displacement of subjectivities through mobility; place,
infrastructure and the scripting of movement. Submissions are welcome from
areas including (but not limited to) geography, sociology, architecture,
history and anthropology. We are particularly keen to attract postgraduate
and early career researchers but all are of course welcome! There will be no
power point facilities, but there will be plenty of time for discussion and


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