Research as Exhibition

I regard this to be an interesting question. How can we think research differently, not as going ‘out’ somewhere in order to collect, but as invitation for ‘the public’ to ‘come in’ and see? – or even better a collaboratively curated open air exhibition…

in the following: the link and short presentation of a symposium at Tate Britain in May 2010.

Podcasts (part 1, 2 and 3) are available here, here and here

Beyond the Academy: Research as Exhibition
14 May 2010

The exhibition is increasingly being re-framed as a ‘research output’, but what can new forms of research and collaboration bring to the concept and curatorship of the exhibition? Is the idea of the exhibition being distorted or creatively extended by new disciplinary practices and knowledge? In what ways do new forms of research exhibitions create new types of knowledge and experience for the audience?

The link to the event page is here.



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